Parshas Terumah: A Home For God In Our Hearts (Feb. 29, 2020)

Bible Study Coffee Time for February 29, 2020.
Heavy duty time.
A summary of the Torah portion "Terumah" with a focus on the meaning of the word, and maybe we will have time to delve into some symbolic aspects of the reading as well.…

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We are here:

Torah Portion: Exodus 25:1 – 27:19
Haftarah: I Kings 5:26 – 6:13

On a superficial level, this week’s portion seems to be a dry recitation of the way the Jewish people are supposed to bring offerings ("Terumah") in the temporary Temple in the desert.

Parsha Summary for Parshas Terumah • Torah.orgNote: The Shabbos Torah Reading is divided into 7 sections. Each section is called an Aliya [literally: Go up] since for each Aliya, one person “goes up” to make a bracha [blessing] on the Torah Read…

But it is not superficial at all.

Let me pause here to provide you with a link to a free, English-translated Bible that is very deep.

This translation comes to you from the Chabad movement, which promotes observance in a context of Jewish mystical insights.

Kehot Chumash – Texts & Writings

[Very important footnote: Chabad is very "over the target" with what they say. They are also frequently the subject of attacks. I am not going to litigate those here, but would simply say that no group is immune from accountability for its failings.]

This is the link to the PDF of this Torah portion, Terumah. It does contain God’s name so please treat it as a sacred text.

There is no charge for downloading it nor is there a registration or anything.…

"Terumah" tells us the materials for building the temporary Temple in the desert ("Mishkan" meaning construction), its holy Ark and Cherubim (more on this in a moment), the Menorah (lamp), the dividing curtain for the Holy of Holies, and more.
Parsha Summary for Parshas Terumah • Torah.orgNote: The Shabbos Torah Reading is divided into 7 sections. Each section is called an Aliya [literally: Go up] since for each Aliya, one person “goes up” to make a bracha [blessing] on the Torah Read…

The term "Cherubim" is discussed at great length by the rabbis – not just who they are (a kind of angels) but how they are depicted in the holy Mishkan and later the Temple.

The Cherubim: Their Role on the Ark in the Holy of Holies – TheTorah.comTradition has interpreted the Cherubim to represent anything from a child to a man, woman to an angel, from a bird to a Torah scholar. Ancient Near Eastern evidence answers this uncertainty, or at le…

Cherubim | My Jewish LearningHistory of the mysterious cherubim or winged angels believed to be on the tabernacle and ark.

This is actually very interesting – let’s put a placeholder here for further discussion.

Terumah, "offering," also means "donation," "set aside," "contribution."

The Jews are commanded by God to physically give what they have to the community, in order to create a holy place for worship (let’s use the English term "Tabernacle."…

On a deeper level, the Kehot Chumash (Chabad; from the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe; adapted by Moshe Yaakov Wisnefsky) explains the logic connecting the giving of the Torah to the commandment to build the Tabernacle.

We begin with the understanding that God is perfect, omnipotent, indescribable.

God created the world in order to redeem the world.

This is something we are not going to understand today.

The purpose of the physical world is to elevate the physical.

For example – when you say Grace over food.

The Torah is a body of law aimed at telling us how to elevate the physical.

The Tabernacle is a physical space that serves as a concentrated holding place of spirituality, but God isn’t going to just say "poof" and it appears – the Jews have to make it happen.

If I may, I want to relate this to Q, because I know that many of you who read my stuff are also followers (and I use this term carefully) of Q.

Why does Q tell us to pray?

If Patriots are in control, as we always hear, what is the necessity for ordinary people to contribute our (most heartfelt and sincere) wishes to the cause?

Our prayers aren’t money.

Our prayers aren’t guns or tanks.

A cynical person would say that Q is nothing more than a LARP aimed at gaining support for President Trump from the base, by making exaggerated claims of power and inclusion in a special group.

But as usual,

The Q campaign has many purposes. To inform. To encourage. To debunk. And sometimes, yes, to disinform.

But the promotion of prayer is distinct.

It is through prayer that we build God’s "house" here on Earth.


But where is God’s house, really?

God’s house can only truly be IN YOUR HEART.


"God created this physical world in order to make it His home."

But God does not need anything.

So what is going on here?

What is this world all about?

What is this structure we contribute to?


Parshas Terumah – Exodus 25:8

"חוְעָ֥שׂוּ לִ֖י מִקְדָּ֑שׁ וְשָֽׁכַנְתִּ֖י בְּתוֹכָֽם"

And they shall make Me a sanctuary
"and I will dwell in their midst"

"In the Tabernacle, God finally finds a permanent home in the physical world, and through it, a home in each and every individual."…

The home is the home of man and wife.

Man and wife together worship God and are whole.

That is why in Genesis, it says that God created man, and included in that verse is the creation of woman.

Genesis 1:27
"So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."

The verse is very clear – MANKIND.

"וַיִּבְרָ֨א אֱלֹהִ֤ים | אֶת־הָֽאָדָם֙ בְּצַלְמ֔וֹ בְּצֶ֥לֶם אֱלֹהִ֖ים בָּרָ֣א אֹת֑וֹ זָכָ֥ר וּנְקֵבָ֖ה בָּרָ֥א אֹתָֽם"

Genesis 2:18
The first female is gone
God says

;And the Lord God said, "It is not good that man is alone"
"I shall make him a helpmate opposite him

" וַיֹּ֨אמֶר֙ יְהֹוָ֣ה אֱלֹהִ֔ים לֹא־ט֛וֹב הֱי֥וֹת הָֽאָדָ֖ם לְבַדּ֑וֹ אֶֽעֱשֶׂה־לּ֥וֹ עֵ֖זֶר כְּנֶגְדּֽוֹ"

What happened between the first female and the second?

The first female didn’t want to be "a part of mankind."

The second female was the right mate.

She was "a helper opposite him."

If Adam behaved correctly – Eve would help him.

If he sinned – she would fight him to her very last breath.

Now you understand the archetype of the "happy home."

It is not about finding the perfect bathtub.

It is not about planting it with trophy wives.

It is about man and woman, together, creating a sanctuary – literally a refuge – from the filth and perversion that floods the material world.…

The purpose of this home is not for one to "serve" or "dominate" the other.

It is for both to realize their potential as human beings, to elevate themselves, and bring God’s holiness inward.

That is why true intimacy hurts so much.

That is why nothing really happens unless you give.

And that is why the satanists who run modern culture have decided that the apex of mental health consists of "self-awareness," leading to "self-mastery."

Have a good day everyone.

Time to go home.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.