Parshas BeShalach: We Are Slaves To Them

This week’s Torah (Bible) portion, "BeShalach" – "when He sent them" – is about the Jews escaping slavery, but in a way that is nothing short of terrifying.

To make a long story short, God orchestrates a situation where the Jews are boxed between the angry, vengeful, destructive, murderous Egyptians (occult satanic scientists of corruption – think Antifa) on the one side, and the deadly Red Sea (think pitiless nature) on the other.
The situation was terror – from a mob of the mightiest sorcerer-informed "scientific" army the world had ever seen. The Egyptians.

Try to imagine the fear of the slaves in this moment.

There’s a recent movie about Harriet Tubman ("Harriet") that depicts this situation in more recent times. In this scene, she is running away from her slave "master." The slave hunters surround her.

Harriet is tired, Harriet is bound, Harriet is degraded by the White man she used to nanny. She runs toward the fence that separates her from the river.

The young man holds out his hands as if to say, "no, no, Harriet. Don’t kill yourself. Please." He does not want to lose her. It’s not just about owning a slave.

He, in his own way, "loves" her.

Harriet looks back at the young man. A momentary flash of doubt crosses her mind. Not because she wants slavery. But because she hears those same old words, the words that are supposed to lull her into believing his ancient lies and manipulations.

I AM GONNA BE FREE OR DIE, says Harriet.

Then – Harriet jumps.

With that decision made, Harriet goes into the river. You do not know if she will live or die.

Well, that’s not true.
You know she lives and thrives. But not before she has to fight.She has to run, and she has to bring the others along.

She has to convince them to leave what they know, and escape to what they cannot even imagine.

Along the way, God sends her an angel.

More than one.

Harriet’s angel gives her a gun.
Harriet is pursued by killers.
Without the gun, she cannot defend herself.
God made slavery sufficiently painful for Pharaoh that the Jews were able to leave.

But God also taught the Jews that living as a slave-minded person is no freedom at all.

And so they were forced to jump, to take the ultimate test of faith.
The Jews did not know what would become of them.

Remember, this was the same God that had allowed the Egyptians to enslave them for hundreds of years.
But one brave man walked into the water.

And then a crazy thing happened.

What had been a raging body of water was completely transformed.

Before the eyes of the world, God made a miracle for the people who had CHOSEN freedom over death.

They CHOSE to "not know" in a rational way.

They CHOSE to trust in a spiritual way.

And on the STRENGTH OF THEIR FAITH, AS FREE MEN and WOMEN, God showed them a path.
Our situation, right now, is the exact same as every domestic violence victim trying to escape.
“Our” meaning the average, non-powerful, non-corrupt person.

When a domestic violence victim tries to escape, the most dangerous time is the immediate time of departure.

On July 10, 2019, #Q #QAnon warned us that "attacks will intensify."

Just like Black slavery came wrapped in a narrative — of eugenics-based inferiority, of "protection," of "ownership" — so too did the slavery of the Israelites. ("They’re taking over."

Just like Black slavery came wrapped in a narrative, and Jewish slavery came wrapped in a narrative, the slavery of the American people — and people around the world — comes wrapped in a story that is bullshit on its face.

The first step in writing that story is to hide the story itself.

As such, the vast majority of people will have no idea what I am talking about.

For example, most people don’t think of visual symbols or language as tools of slavery.

But do you know what?

We learn that God saved the Jews ONLY because they didn’t change their visual symbols or language.

Yes, that is correct.

The Jews were into the same occult practices as the Egyptians, in Egypt. They did not practice the sexual immorality. But they fell into Egyptian thinking just the same. It was "science"!

But the Jews held on to their clothing, their names, and their language. Because these things reflect a system of belief, which is normally deeply hidden.

Most fundamentally, Jews believe in God, and in the promise that was given to our forefathers and foremothers that we are a separate and distinct people who will one day be redeemed to the Holy Land.

We learn that Moses was saved by his own mother and sister, and that Pharaoh had previously instructed them to kill him, but that the way Pharaoh delivered the message was to invite them to his palace and try to seduce them sexually.

If you think this is remote picture a Hollywood producer inviting a mother to his home to pitch the future stardom of her child.

The fact of the matter is, as #Q #QAnon says, the ordinary person is considered a kind of dumb animal to the elite. They wouldn’t put it that way, but it’s true.

What do you think the entire modern enterprise of marketing and branding is, if not a way to make money off of gullible people?

I’m not sure if you saw this, but there was a lawsuit involving Papa John’s Pizza involving the commercial tagline "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza."

The court ruled that the tagline is not misleading because the consumer should know better.

While that may be true, we know that the consumer does not actually normally know better, because we have been conditioned to believe people who appear on television (mass media) and whisper sweet nothings (seduction) in our ear.

Again not sure if you remember this but Morgan Spurlock made this documentary awhile back called "Supersize Me," where he ate only McDonald’s food. As part of the movie he interviewed a "neuromarketer" named Martin Lindstrom. Well you can guess what "neuromarketing" is.

The bottom line is, they have you before you even walk into the store. The modern, scientifically-driven, privacy-invading science of branding, marketing, advertising, customer service, etc. etc. etc. is based on anticipating your drives and then "magically" meeting them.

Have you ever walked into a shiny clean apartment you were thinking of renting, and they had nice smelling chocolate chip cookies waiting at the front door?


They know what colors you want based on your gender, your age, and your purchasing history.

They know what colors will trigger you.

For example, right now, they are using the color orange to foment their rebellion.

"Orange man bad"

The Parkland anti-gun campaign and its orange ribbons

Ilhan Omar’s orange beads, and orange sign saying "no war" against Iran

Do you really think the slogan or color is random?

The entire premise of a slave-system is that you want to preserve your economic advantage with as little effort as possible, and of course no competition.

That is why slavery is really about war.

Guess who’s the enemy?

Not Trump – but us.

More specifically, the enemy is our consciousness of being free beings with the ability to say "I do not consent.”

Understand this: If you are bombarded with their lies, and you don’t fight back…

…then to them, you HAVE CONSENTED.
(Hat tip to Sarah Ashcraft and Chris Cronsell for the formulation.)

I will end off with this.

Think about the last time you saw a child in a stroller.

Was that child holding an iPad with a frame that looked like a doll or a toy?
Every single signal from that iPad is a form of indoctrination.
In fact, the iPad itself is indoctrination.

The TV screen the mother watches while staying in the hospital is indoctrination.

The hospital method of delivery is indoctrination.

And all the things the doctor says, does, and offers are similarly…indoctrination.

There is a famous sociology experiment that goes something like this. You ask someone how their day was, and they say "fine." Then you say, "really?" And they say "yes." "How fine?" you ask. And again and again and again…until the person punches you in the face.

Because the person isn’t really asking how you are. They are merely "performing normalcy," and if you violate normalcy according to their rules of indoctrination, they will violently attack you.

Our task now is not only to out the corrupt members of the elite or to ensure they are put on trial or even to see to it that they are in jail.
Our task is to reveal the hidden system of indoctrination that has kept them in power…forever.

The way you reveal it is not to assert that you know things. Most likely, you don’t…as most people are not privy to a hidden system of language and symbols.

No – the way you reveal it is simply to ASK QUESTIONS.
This is the LAST thing they want you to do.

It is why they CENSOR.

They are not trying to stop you from revealing hidden information.

They see you as SLAVES.

They are trying to stop you from encouraging your fellows to truly believe that you are FREE.

For only FREE PEOPLE (get it, the clothing line, slaves to fashion) have the power to ASK.

When they had that skit on Saturday Night Live where they joked that you are not allowed to not like Beyonce…that was serious.

When they test out software and they call it "dogfooding" – who is the dog?




And this, of course, is why their mantra must always relate back to "racism." For they are not just racist, or sexist, or anti-gay. They are ALL OF THESE THINGS, because the "queer eye" is the eye that sees from a distance, and examines the examiner, cold.

God bless you digital soldiers.
Have a great Sunday.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.