Parshas Bo: Adam Schiff As A “Pharaoh”

We read “Bo” yesterday, in Exodus (10:1-13:16)

In this portion “the [plague of the] death of the firstborn finally breaks Pharaoh’s resistance, and he literally drives the children of Israel from his land.”

Actually the Pharoah keeps relenting and changing his mind. He is full of arrogance about his personal magicians – they can match some of the magic – he can’t believe the God of the Jews has bested him. 

We learned in synagogue today that according to Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah), all of us have some Pharoah within us – the Rabbi didn’t specify, but figure “evil, stubborn, oppressive of others.” 

Some of us break that urge.

Some don’t. 

11/13/2019. An explosive article. “Clinton WhistleBlower: Feds Probe Adam Schiff Dressed like Egyptian at Bizarre ‘Sacrafice’ Parties at Ed Buck’s Meth Mansion”

“Embattled Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff was dressed in ancient-Egyptian-themed garb at two wild costume parties at Ed Buck’s meth and sex mansion, according to a Clinton Whistleblower and insider.” 

“And the FBI is probing Schiff, who is now the target of a federal investigation focused on the Congressman’s more-than-frequent trips to Ed Buck’s meth mansion.” 

People who want to be like Pharoah want to exercise absolute power over other people. 

“Barbra Streisand: Adam Schiff Would Make a Great President”
31 Jan 2020

In 1999 Adam Schiff was lifted into the political stratosphere on the shoulders of David Geffen.

Schiff became a pawn…the man he defeated was going after then-President Bill Clinton. To impeach him. 

“Rep. James E. Rogan, then a two-term Glendale congressman, had prosecuted President Bill Clinton with a zeal that made him a hero to the GOP faithful. It also made him vulnerable in his home district.” 

“Enter David Geffen, naturally. Enraged by Rogan, the media mogul committed unlimited ‘time and money and effort’ to ousting him. He rallied his Hollywood troops behind then-state Sen. Adam Schiff, and poured enough cash into the race to break House records.” 

Now I am going to make a hypothesis: Bill Clinton’s sex addiction made him a controllable asset for the CIA and the Mossad and so they wanted him in power. 

Geffen dislikes talking about his religion. I know nothing of him or his motives. (See

But “QAnon” has implied that Schiff is a Mossad asset (7 Dec 2019). 

I believe they recruited Schiff by making him feel like a Pharoah. “Anything you want – we don’t judge.” 

Once “turned,” I believe the once-genuinely-good-and-talented-idealistic-budding-politician hung a “for sale” sign on his head.

Add Soros and others to the mix…Schiff himself, I believe, became a useful tool because he was essentially weak. 

The magicians of Egypt chose evil. 

This week we remember how God forced Pharoah’s hand. (The Jews were freed, but they had to run.)

I believe Schiff will yield power in the same begrudging way. 

Right before he is arrested for treason. 


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.