Balak: The True Source Of Power Is Spiritual (1 of 3) (7/21/2019)

2) We wake up to the news that “Iran” has “done something.”

Now, they’re looking for a fight!
3) The 4 am marching orders are as follows: “Get the people all tied up in knots.”
4) “Who’s in charge?” the media screams.
“Nobody’s in charge!”
“It’s all Trump’s fault!”
“Look, he’s not even a President!”
6) “WASHINGTON IS IN CHAOS” says @JohnBrennan 


yells the mainstream media
8) …but they’re laughing their heads off back there.

9) They think they can stop what is coming.
10) They think they can stop what is coming.
12) They pivoted to Iran because too many people saw the truth about how the an Axis of Evil is using four young women of color to overthrow the United States.
13) “There sure are a lot of earthquakes lately,” my daughter said to me.

“Yes, I know, we’re destroying deep underground military bases,” I said. “You ought to look them up. Wait, I bought a book about it. Let me show you that book.”

“…Uh, sure mom….”
14) I don’t really blame people for not understanding what’s going on, because I can barely keep up, and I am certain that whatever miniscule amount I do understand, it is really only a drop of the true nature of reality, of history, and of the Administration’s actions so far.
15) One thing I do know, because I looked this up, is that Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib never called the Muslim concentration camps in China “concentration camps,” even though there are 1,000,000-3,000,000 locked up there and tortured, and even though the U.S. gov has done so.
17) Remember, one of the spiritual themes we talk about (and that Q talks about) is the concept of unity against a common enemy.

Whereas the enemy seeks to divide, divide, divide.
18) The common enemy we have is actually our own selves. 

God designated an angelic realm (demons) to serve as the messenger of temptation.

That realm takes on any and all shapes.

Remember this.
19) Just to set the context: Last week’s portion, “Chukat,” relayed how the Jews did battle w/ various enemies on the way to Israel, & were victorious.

These enemies were not monotheists – they worshiped idols – child sacrifice was a prevalent practice.

20) This week’s reading begins with the rage and despair of Balak, another one of these enemies, the head of the nation of Moab.
21) Numbers 22:2 “Balak the son of Zippor saw all that Israel had done to the Amorites.”
22) Just like all the nations of the world envy the United States for our wealth, our freedoms and our military might, so too did Balak envy the Jews.
23) Again, this brief summary is way too short to capture all the depth here – but Balak decides to invoke the Jews’ greatest “ally,” their God, through paying a “contractor prophet” to curse them.
24) Balak knows that the true source of the Jews’ power is not their weapons at all, but rather the spiritual force behind them.

So that is what he targets, using gold coin to pay the “contractor prophet” to assist.
25) The “contractor prophet,” because he is familiar with Godly “acquisition law,” so to speak, knows he cannot actually do what he is taking money for (and protests to the king falsely), but he takes the money anyway.
26) Even a donkey can see that the “contractor prophet” is evil, but he is only a donkey, so all he can do is complain.
27) Through means we will talk about later, all of this falsehood (God’s blessing cannot truly be diverted from its destined party) ends up in a gigantic confrontation.
28) For now, just remember that as a way of demonstrating the Truth, God will raise up the evil ones, before he smites them for good.
29) Whatever happens right now, please stay in faith.
30) And know that one day, their memory (the memory of the evil ones) will forever and ever be erased from this Earth.

(End, for now.)
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By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.