Parshas Chukas: Faith or Criminality

This week: Parshas Chukas (Numbers 19:1–22:1)

✅ The red heifer
✅ Moses hits the rock and is barred from entering the Land of Israel
✅ Terrifying, vicious, venom-filled snakes attack the Jews
✅ Battle of Sichon and Og

2) Supplemental reading for today is Judges 11:1-33.

The Jews are attacked by the Ammonites. In response they try to make peace.

When they can’t, Jephthah (important: the son of a prostitute; important: at first exiled by his family) beats the shit out of the Ammonites.

3) (This may end up being a couple of threads. Time is a bit limited.)

4) The first thing to know about this Bible reading is its primary significance to Jews. I would argue that the red heifer is the main theme.

5) The name of the portion is “Chukas,” from the root “Chk” or “Chok,” meaning a law we obey without understanding.

The laws surrounding the red heifer are not understandable to us.

6) חק – Chok – Gematria 108

Divine Decree

7) קח = Kach = Gematria 108

The reverse of Chok


8) חםס = Chamas = Hamas = 108

“oppressive; to use violence, to hurt; to violate a law; to cast down, to shake off; violence, wrong; wealth wrongfully obtained; ill-gotten-gain.” …

9) If you obey God even when you don’t understand – that is holy.

If you insist that you must know, understand, and agree with everything God says, you will end up taking (kach) in a way that is violent and oppressive (Hamas) while insisting you are moral.

Ok that’s it for now. Leaving the thread open so I can return to it later.

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10) We continue with Parshas Chukas. I am going to be interrupted abruptly. It’s ok. Can pick this up and put it down intermittently.

11) The Jewish people are thirsty in the desert and beg for water.

12) God tells Moses to speak to a rock and it will bring forth water. …

13) Moses hits the rock instead of speaking to it.

14) The Jewish people get water but Moses is punished severely. After all this time he will be barred from entering the Land of Israel.

15) My personal interpretation of this — when showing strength, you must try to be peaceful first.

You must try diplomacy.

16) Leading with heavy-handed tactics makes you look like a bully.

God is not about being a bully.

17) This is why I believe we must try to reach out to our friends who are part of the hijacked Democratic Party, or who adopt an Establishment “neutral” or “cynical” “been there done that” attitude.

18) We are in mid-coup, but our struggle is to save democracy – freedom – it is essential that we rescue and preserve our multiparty system of government.

19) Only when all efforts to reach out peacefully fail – only then should President Trump and law enforcement “hit the rock.”

20) Trump is very smart. He uses money-based diplomacy to incentivize cooperation.

21) I can guarantee you that he will go after people who exploit undocumented labor to the point where they won’t want to bother anymore.

22) Another thing about striking the rock.

23) Moses was on a very high spiritual level. Striking the rock was analogous to insensitivity.

He was punished severely for insensitivity to the pain of others.

24) A more modern story heard in synagogue —

25) A young yeshiva (religious Jewish school) student invited his rabbi, a renowned scholar, for Sabbath dinner.

26) Teacher shows up and home is a mess.

27) In particular the challah is uncovered.

28) You’re supposed to cover the challah until you bless the wine.

It’s a way of showing sensitivity to the challah that the wine is not favored.

29) Student embarrasses wife in front of rabbi by chastising her.

30) Rabbi says to student: IDIOT

31) A piece of bread has no feelings it’s about the idea of sensitivity and look how you just treated your wife.

32) Rabbi to student:

You haven’t learned anything from me.

33) To close out this one – remember how we have talked about the Democrats being infiltrated? And we end up fighting the Democrats instead of the real enemy?

34) This exact thing happens in the Bible portion.

35) Numbers 21:1

36) The Jews encounter someone who calls himself a Canaanite, but he is lying about his identity.

37) The person is actually an Amalekite, and attacks them.

The Amalekite knows the Jews will pray to God for help.

He wants the Jews to name the wrong attacker, so their prayers don’t work.

38) Think about who we are really fighting. Every time we get close, they tell us we’re nuts.


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain. Free Photo via Pixabay.