Passover: Spiritual “Spring Cleaning” (April 13, 2019)

1) If anyone is interested I am starting a Bible Study thread with some learnings from today’s Torah portion and the speeches in synagogue, which were very good. And some other stuff.

2) I am not trying to compete with all the digs going on but just want to capture some good stuff discussed, heard and learned.

3) Legalese – I do not know how much time I have. So bear with me as this may be a bit rough and will be unsourced where the discussion is based on hearsay.

4) Let me start with an interesting tidbit.

5) Passover is coming. One speeches focused on this topic, the Jews’ escape from Egypt. Apparently the Jews copied the Egyptians — except for keeping their unique names, language and clothing style.

They participated in idol worship (sheep).

6) I learned that before leaving, the Jews had to actually tie a sheep to a bedpost, feed it, and care for it for 3 days before slaughtering it.

7) The psychology was to first contemplate the stupidity of their sin (worshiping an animal as an idol), then kill it. Remove it from their lives for good.

8) Passover is the beginning of freedom. Freedom is choosing what you want (intellectually know is right and good) not what you feel like doing in the moment (your ego).

9) A shocking moment.

10) The teacher said she bought her house in Potomac and discovered an actual literal idol buried in the backyard.


11) Apparently her husband took the kids and a strong hammer (or whatever) and smashed the idol to bits just like Abraham the Patriarch.

12) “How do you know it was an idol?” I said.

13) “Because it looked like an idol.”


14) Nobody else thought this was a big deal…

15) …but I was all over it.
It is a big deal if there are occult ritual ceremonies happening in and around DC – dead chickens and goats, idols, etc. – since our Nation’s leaders are here.

16) Second speech today. There is a Rabbi here from Israel for a few days, giving talks.

This one was about the topic of faith and there are 2 key points to make.

17) The rabbi said that when you truly perceive God is behind things, you can let worry go.

18) Obviously with Passover – lots of danger involved with escaping the slave owner Pharoah. Without faith you can worry nonstop.

19) However (insight here) most of us don’t learn faith by hearing it. We have to physically tell other people about faith, and the words rebound and impact us.

20) Generally some good honest insight here about walking the talk. Satanists love to attack religious people as hypocrites; we are all hypocrites; start with that fact and improve.

21) Second part had to do with details, and here I diverge from the rabbi a bit, which is scary since this is a rabbi but ok.

22) He was talking about the part of the Bible where God provides instructions as to how to build the Tabernacle.

Why such detail?

23) We are supposed to learn that every little thing matters.

Proper actions make us holy so that God will dwell among us.

24) But I disagree with the emphasis on perfection. (And I know my thinking has been influenced by Christian theology here.)

25) I think telling people they’re no good unless they XYZ is a big mistake.

26) You have to start with love and then work backward.

27) Why does God love me?
Because I exist and He made me.

28) Nobody can keep all the commandments properly (doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try) but we are holy anyway because God is in us.

29) For the trauma survivor this message is especially important. It’s the difference between choosing a drug or other addiction to escape the pain, and choosing to walk with God.

30) God doesn’t love me because I keep to a contract like a robot. He loves me because He is, and I am.

We are – meaning we exist.

31) This last part is important in light of the Bible portion, Metzorah, which is all about cleansing from being spiritually impure.

32) Typically feminists read stuff like this and get triggered

33) Because menstruation and childbirth leave women spiritually impure, so feminists counter this by smearing tampon blood all over their faces and demonstrating.

34) The real lesson is, when it comes to faith, there are things that we will never understand.

That menstrual blood is a source of spiritual impurity does not make the Bible sexist nor does it mean that God hates women.

35) There is something else and it’s important.

36) People who break a child’s soul through early onset rape are deliberately trying to cut them off from God –@therealroseanne said this.

37) The idea is to induce not just dissociation but also a deep sense of shame. “God doesn’t want you, come with us instead.”

38) “You are unholy” is a lie that is pounded into the heads of trauma victims to keep them enslaved.

39) I know the rabbi did not mean this, because most rabbis don’t give sermons from a trauma-informed perspective.

40) The reason to observe God’s laws is not because God is a computer and we have to input the right actions to unlock His power. That is the thinking of a Satanist.

41) (I am not, God forbid, associating this rabbi with Satanic thinking, only showing how he unknowingly employed logic similar to those who use religion for personal gain.)

42) Chabad Judaism explains the reason to keep God’s laws – because it is informed by Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, which bridges the gap between the limited human mind and God’s mysterious ways.

43) Basically, hidden in the mitzvot (commandments) we find the laws of the universe at work. For example, Jews are forbidden from eating pork because pork impedes our ability to apprehend. For us, not for Christians, it fogs our brains.

44) So you can be a Jew and eat pork a lot. God will still love you just the same.

45) The only problem is, when God reaches out to you with a wake up call, you might not be able to pick up the signal.

46) And that is why when it comes to spiritual defilement, as with blood, we do things to stay aware and awake and ready – like when God saved us from Egypt.

I’m sure a lot of people just wanted to sleep that night, not run.

47) It is because we love our fellow man and woman that we act to name spiritual defilement for what it is: unrestricted abortion, the sexualization of children, gender dysmorphia, and so on.

48) God is with us always.
God loves us always.
God tells us right from wrong.
If somebody hurt you, it was never because you were spiritually dirty.
Allow yourself to be free.



By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain. You can also read this online here.