Passover and the Nature of Evil (April 24, 2019)

1) I have a little time, and wanted to share this before, but it’s been very hectic as you all know. It is part Bible study; part “the nature of evil from a Jewish point of view”; part Biblical discussion of adrenal gland theft; mention of CSF gangs.
2) This week in synagogue we read about the first Passover. There is an extended discussion describing how God saved the Jews. 
3) The thing to remember is that the Jews were not just slaves. They were slaves who really, really, really got into the Egyptian lifestyle.
4) The Jews were essentially domestic violence victims, caught in a kind of bond with their captors that was very hard to dislodge.
5) We’ve all seen those Lifetime movies where the guy beats up his wife, and then the cops drag him off, and then the wife says “PUHLEEZE DON’T HURT HIM”….

God had to make the Jews dis-identify with the occult that Egypt was.
6) So God killed their babies.
7) Exodus 12:29: “It came to pass at midnight, and the Lord smote every firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh who sits on his throne to the firstborn of the captive who is in the dungeon, and every firstborn animal.”
8) Why did God kill the children of the pathetic prisoners?
9) Because they were so depraved, so steeped in sorcery and witchcraft and the worship of inanimate things, that otherwise the prisoners would have said: “Our God, not the Jews’ God, killed the firstborn of our captors.”

That’s how addicted the Egyptians were.
10) But what exactly is “evil?” We hear so much about satanic occult groups that use Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) for their own ends. How is it possible that evil has any power at all? 

What about cannibals? Are they real?

11) Let’s take a minute for all that to sink in.
12) Maybe let’s start with the cannibal part.

Forgive the GIF.
13) It is hard for me to sit through the speech in synagogue so I wandered into the rabbi’s study. 

14) Now, I know I see things differently than other people in my world. 
So to a normal person, this is just a book.
But not me.
15) Suddenly I’m all like, “WHY IS THE RABBI INTO ADRENOCHROME”
…yeah, like that. A bit triggered you might say.
16) Not to get off on a tangent, but we got these owl mugs a few years ago, before I knew what owls represented (particularly before Q), and now I can’t stand looking at the owl mugs, but I can’t throw them out either, because others in the family like them.
17) I did manage to draw a second eye on the Starbucks cup with the one eye open, one eye closed. 

And got a mug that says “United States Marine Corps.”

So, slowly.
18) In any case, this book, “Adrenaline and the Inner World,” is supposed to be a kind of accessible guide to the wonders of the adrenal gland.

But inadvertently, if you look at it in just the right (perhaps warped by sadness) way, you see something else very clearly.
19) This is a book by a doctor at the National Institutes of Health. 
We know the adrenal gland is a major focus due to its role in stress.
But could there be other, less “kosher” reasons to focus clinical study on it? 
20) Clearly this doctor is 100% fascinated by the adrenal gland. He has done his homework. And on page 58, there is a rather disgusting picture.
21) The adrenal gland. It is “embedded in the fat above the kidneys.”
22) This is relevant because (p. 57) the Bible “mentions specifically – not once but NINE TIMES – that the fat above the kidneys was to be burnt (when bringing a ritual sacrifice). Eating the fat above the kidneys was proscribed not just for priests but for everyone.”
23) “Why was eating the fat above the kidneys disallowed (in the Bible)? The fat above the kidneys is unique for its contents. Buried within it are the adrenal glands, which store the powerful hormones cortisol, aldosterone, adrenal androgens, and adrenaline.”
24) “Eating adrenal gland tissue could result in entry of one or more physiologically active compounds into the bloodstream. Ingestion of adrenal gland tissue repeatedly…could easily have made them ill.”
25) It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess at what the doctor isn’t saying – what he probably doesn’t know. If God went out of His way to forbid the ingestion of the kidney with its adrenal gland attachment NINE TIMES, IT’S BECAUSE THE OCCULTISTS CONSUMED IT LIKE DRUGS.”
26) It’s like, it’s very weird to read a book by a normal person, and have it dawn on you that they are describing the very sick things that we often talk about here, that other people cannot believe, that they term a conspiracy.

One more.
27) Backing up – just to clarify. The adrenal gland produces adrenaline (epinephrine). Oxidized adrenaline=adrenochrome.

“Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) and Adrenaline laden blood stolen from victims is the core organizing principle of Satanic Ritual Abuse.” 
28) On p. 59, the doctor talks about a Dr. George Oliver, who in the 1890s experimented on his son (!) and on a dog with adrenal gland extract (he was testing something else). 

When he injected the dog with the extract, its blood pressure went sky-high.
29) Cannibals eat the flesh of human beings. That’s what occultists do with the adrenal gland.
30) “SRA survivors, such as Kristy Allen, have made accounts claiming that Adrenochrome is the drug of choice for practicing satanists, who remove the adrenals after preferably killing a child, in order to harvest the hormonal secretions.” 
31) “the satanists remove the children’s adrenal glands right after they have been terrorized and when killed in rituals to extract this kool aid the elites use to sustain their youth and extend their lives.” – Statement made by Kristy Allen at the ITNJ seating, June 2018. [3]”
32) This is her testimony. (Robert David Steele has been instrumental in the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and I applaud him for it.) 
More info: 
33) “Pedophilia serves multiple purposes…

“–control through blackmail

–break the future generation in so they are fully controlled and are minions to the dark agenda

–create mind control automatons that are controlled their entire lifetime”
34) Also:

“– condition society to accept cover narrative

–normalize practices of child prostitution, human trafficking, human sacrifice and cannibalism, so they can openly feed on others.”

All this stuff is what @SaRaAshcraft @cronsell have been telling you.
35) But how can satanists have power if God is real?

I hear your question.

Boy I am typing fast, because time is gonna be up on this thread soon…
36) We’re in this book now: The Golem of Prague. 

(A Golem is like Frankenstein, created thru Kabbalah. A great sage once made 1 to protect the Jews from blood libels, late 1500s, but this got him in trouble with the rabbis, b/c too close to occult.) 
37) If you get the book, you want to basically skip the content and go to the end, “The Occult: A Torah Perspective.” (Start on p. 313)
38) To summarize. 

The Torah does not believe in duality. 

The Torah teaches that everything is actually One.
39) Evil comes about when we take our focus off of God and put it somewhere else (including ourselves).

When we decide what is good and what is bad, instead of listening to God, we are in the realm of evil.
40) The haughty man worships himself as a god and is therefore evil.
“God says: I and he cannot dwell in the same world.”

(Source: Talmud Bavli [Babylonian Talmud, as opposed to Jerusalem Talmud], Sotah, 5A)
41) Page 316: “Most people assume that the worship of other ‘gods’ was practiced by our ancestors because of their primitiveness and ignorance. From the Torah perspective, however, ancient idolatry was basked in greater sophistication than ‘civilized’ people wish to believe.”

42) Page 317: “idolatry did not result originally out of ignorance of God, but on the contrary, from a very keen awareness of His greatness and His boundless energies.”
43) Page 317: “The origin of idolatry is traced to the earliest generations of humanity which lived on the very morrow of Creation. The Divine energy was then still fresh. It illuminated every facet of creation, which had come into being by God’s will.”
44) “Living so close to the moment of Creation and within the lifetime of the first man and woman, these generations were more spiritually sensitive…and certainly entertained no doubt of God’s existence.”
45) Basically, they thought that since God created the sun, moon and stars, they should worship the sun, moon and stars, as a way of worshiping God.
46) From there over time, “false prophets arose to preach that God had commanded the worship of some image or star by offerings….The priests began to urge certain rituals which would bring prosperity….In the course of time the name of God vanished from the mouths of men.”
47) Source for 45-46: Maimonides, Yad, Hilchos Avodas Kochavim, 1:1 (English adaptation from R. Avigdor Miller in Behold A People, p. 17 (1968) — here I am just citing the source, I don’t have it.
48) Page 318: “In the end, people worshipped not God but nature; not the Master, but His servants. This is the subtle nature of the deceptive human impulse, as the Talmud warns: ‘At first he (the evil inclination) becomes a guest; afterward, he becomes the master of the house.”
49) Source for that Talmud quote: Midrash Bereishis Rabbah, 22
50) In Jewish thinking, evil actually serves good, because it exists to give us a choice.

Accordingly, the idol worshipers were given the ability to know how to draw down “power” energies, even though they weren’t Godly.
51) “While the ensuing generations may have forgotten God, their leaders will still well-versed and trained in the arts of summoning the spiritual energies which abounded strongly then, from the recent act of Divine Creation.”
52) “The worship of nature became an activity of harnessing the spiritual roots of the natural and drawing from their influence.”
53) “R. Simon said, ‘There is not a single blade of grass that does not have its angel in heaven which rules over it and compels it, saying: “Grow!”‘”

(Midrash Bereishis Rabbah, 10)
54) (Where did I get this book? Unbelievably I found it also on a shelf, somewhere else, not in the Rabbi’s study though.)
55) Page 319: “the early idol-worshippers were capable of stirring the spiritual roots of the physical realm and effecting supernatural phenomena [LIKE THE EGYPTIANS – db]. Thus, in the eyes of the masses, they were successful in making gods out of almost anything.”
56) Because these sorcerers could make shit happen, people were extremely scared of them.

In fact, most LIVED in fear of this stuff.
58) Page 319, source is Miller, Behold A People, p. 26:

“Today, we do not realize how great was the power formerly exercised by the institution of idolatry. Entire nations, from the king down to the slave, lived under the dread of witchery and priestcraft.”
59) “Laban practiced divination, and also the Egyptians (unlike the seed of Abraham). Their world was peopled by demons, against whom the sorcerer and the priest were the sole protectors.”
60) “In Hammurabi’s time, much of the litigation consisted of lawsuits by plaintiffs who accused neighbors of bewitching them. The world was full of ‘holy men,’ prophets, fakirs, soothsayers, priests, saints, miracles, images, talismans, incantations, and shrines.”
61) “In addition to the rule by terror, the idols also enchanted men by their appeal to the worst passions. Male and female prostitutes were everywhere, and they were part of the temple ritual. The passion of bloodshed was licensed BY THE INSTITUTION OF HUMAN SACRIFICE”

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!
63) “Frequently, the monarch established himself as the offspring of a star or god, and thus claimed the right to be worshipped.”

(I am not including all the other citations provided within the text.)
64) A bit more. Page 321: “‘Satan’ is not the exclusive name of a particular angel as most people assume, but rather a scriptural term for ‘obstruction’ or ‘adversary.'”
65) “The arch-angel of evil, whose name is Samael, is therefore called interchangeably, angel-of-death, satan, and evil inclination.”
66) In Judaism, “‘Satan’ is…a description of a role rather than the designated name of an evil angel.”
67) “The further a person slips from the focal point of life through submission to distortion, the more susceptible he becomes to the influence of evil….Thrown off center, he becomes confused and uncertain and loses control.”
68) OK, about demons. Page 322: Demons were created on Friday at twilight – too late for actual creation and too early for rest.

Page 323: “Demons have forms, but are incomplete.” (Midrash, Etz Yosef)

“Half human and half angel.” (Zohar)
69) “As incomplete beings, they hold no absolute footing…either in the spiritual world or in the physical world. As wandering ‘spirits,’…sometimes they take on temporary physical form & other times they remain invisible.” (Avos d’Rebbe Nosson, 37)
70) Page 324: “As stateless beings, they are drawn to the stateless and seek to occupy the unoccupied.”
71) “These creatures, caught in limbo between the spiritual and the physical realms, manifest themselves through a form of symbiosis in much the same way parasitic organisms do….They do not exist in their own right but are always dependent on the life of other creatures.”
72) “Emotional vampires”
73) Because all things are ultimately one in the Divine – p. 325 “Like any other evil energy, demons could also be harnessed for good” — including for the creation of a Golem to protect the Jews in Prague, in the Middle Ages.
74) P. 328: “The supernal powers of the occult have no foundations of their own and operate by symbiosis, of the parasitic kind, conveniently parking in vacant spaces of societal confusion.”
75) “‘One who desires to become impure,’ the Talmud warns, ‘the way is open for him.'”

(Talmud Bavli Shabbos, 104A).
76) Well, that’s all folks.

I know it’s a lot.

Thank you for reading.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain. You can also read this thread online here.