Bamidbar (Gathering Brief Insights) June 8, 2019

1) This week’s Torah portion is Bamidbar (“in the desert”)

Torah Portion: Numbers 1:1 – 4:20

Haftarah (supplemental portion): Hosea 2:1 – 2:22


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3) From the summary it appears this Bible reading is about identifying who exactly is in the Jewish people – census, formation, emblems for the 12 tribes. …

4) Here are a number of links to interesting Kabbalistic commentaries. …

5) This is one nice commentary mentioned – Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk:

Why does the Torah say specifically “in the wilderness of Sinai, in the Tent of Meeting” (Numbers 1:1) /1

Do we really need such detail? God is everywhere.

And why does it matter where Moses was?


6) Decode:

* “In the wilderness of Sinai” – “abe as humble as Mount Sinai, the smallest of all the mountains.”

* “in the Tent of Meeting” – “be joyous, as the word for ‘Meeting,’ ‘Moed,’ also means festival. “

7) “The greater one’s humility, the more genuine joy he will experience at having merited to be able to serve G-d. “

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9) “For six years you shall prune your vineyard.” (25:3) “The Jewish people are called a ‘vineyard'” (Isaiah 5).

“Each and every Jew must work at clearing up and pruning his own vineyard-his unfavorable traits such as jealousy, hatred, lustfulness, etc. “

(Likutei Torah)

10) This site is a goldmine of insight.

11) Mystical meaning of the census – “Take a census of the entire congregation of the Children of Israel.” (Numbers 1:2)

12) “Our Sages note that the giving of the Torah at Sinai required the presence of all 600,000 Jews; if just one had been missing, the Torah would not have been given.”

13) ” was not enough for all Jews to be present; it was necessary that the Jewish people be united in love for one another. “Israel camped there [before Mount Sinai] as one man with one mind.”

14) This peace and unity is the channel for all Divine blessings, including the greatest of all — the coming of Mashiach. “

(Peninei HaGeula)

[Reprinted with permission from L’Chaim Magazine ( ).]”

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