Acharei Mot: Consent (May 4, 2019)

There is a lot more to talk about in this week’s Bible portion. Should I do another thread? If it’s too much it can wait.

Ok I will do it. But will try to limit the length of the thread. In 10.

And we’re off!

1) Just as a reminder we are still in Acharei Mos. …

2) Earlier today we talked about the meaning of Azazel, the Yom Kippur sin-offering, the goat, and I, Pet Goat II as a prophetic vision. …

3) *Correction to that thread: The phone spell-corrected Haftarah (supplemental reading) as Haggadah (book or reading).

4) We are picking up now on a few distinct and important points that were not covered before.

5) Remember our discussion of consent? They cannot act without your consent? Where does that come from, you asked.

6) Leviticus 18, explanatory text — “They do not punish unless they give a warning.”

7) This text, page 648. …

8) The discussion has turned from Azazel and the sin-offering to the prohibitions against consuming blood, child sacrifice, sexual immorality, and more.

“Everybody” did that stuff.

The Jews had to stop.

9) God: I warned you, so if you do it again, I will punish you.

The Family: You consented (**under duress, conditioning and deceit**) so your sin is yours and your punishment, from us, is deserved.

10) Point is there’s nothing original in what the cult does. It’s always a bad spin-off.

11) OK another point is that the Jews left a totally evil place and had to conquer a totally evil place and do good instead of bad. (Lev. 18:3-4) Just to put the Torah into context, it has always been God versus idols, not God versus other religions.

12) Child sacrifice through Molech – this is mentioned in Lev. 18:21 directly as a sin.

13) Lev. 18:22 – my personal interpretation here is that the emphasis is on the words “as with a woman.”

In other words, the Bible in my own opinion is anti-perversion. If men are attracted to men, that’s not the same thing as “lying with a man as one lies with a woman.”

14) Why is this important? Because here the Bible is calling out the most fundamental kinds of immorality, and sexual orientation is something you are born with. This verse has caused so many people so much heartache.

15) I believe this type of thing (Bacha Bazi) is what the Bible speaks of.

16) As you can see the very next passage is bestiality. Homosexuality and bestiality are not comparable.

17) OK let’s go to the supplemental reading.

18) We are in Samuel I 20:18-42 (I got the reading wrong in the earlier thread). This week is just before the New Month so it is confusing.

19) not fresh. Will pick this up later.


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