Vayakhel: They Had To Take The Children (March 2, 2019)

1) To succeed in their mission, they had to take the children.

We continue last night’s thread. 
Our thesis comes from this week’s Bible portion.

March 3, 2019
3) “You are watching a movie”
4) It’s our movie now
5) @AndreVanDelft appears in #4
6) It’s our movie now
7) It’s our movie now
8) We arrived at our movie by THINKING
They arrived at theirs through a SCRIPT

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10) “WWG1WGA Origin: White Squall Movie (1996)
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11) “Where did the Storm derive from?
Some things leave lasting impressions.
Listen carefully.
When did POTUS make the statement?
When did we arrive to start the awakening?
You have more than you know.
12) Reality
13) Script.
15) In fact, the Jews are both adults and children.

But no less than EIGHT TIMES, this portion refers to them as CHILDREN.
16) What is the significance of referring to the Jews as CHILDREN and commanding them as CHILDREN and not as fully grown adults, with a mind of their own, who needed to accept the commandments freely?
17) Exodus 38:1-7 

The holy altar for the burnt offerings is constructed.

But it’s missing something.
18) Exodus 38:8 “And he made the washstand of copper and its base of copper FROM THE MIRRORS OF THE WOMEN WHO HAD SET UP THE LEGIONS, who congregated at the entrance of the tent of meeting.”

Wait…what is this all about?

This sounds kind of sinful.
19) And why does the Bible need a special verse just to tell us how the washstand was made?
20) Because the women (who had REFUSED to donate to the Golden Calf idol worship) were so enthusiastic to support the Holy Tabernacle that they donated their own mirrors, which they used to beautify themselves.

Moses didn’t want this in the Holy Temple, but God corrected him.
21) It was through the mirrors (i.e. the act of making themselves beautiful for their husbands) that the women gave birth to CHILDREN, who literally formed the people of Israel.

In their honor, the Jews are called GOD’S CHILDREN.
22) More specifically, the “children of Israel,” a.k.a. Jacob, whose forefather is Abraham, who introduced monotheism to the world.

It was Jacob’s job, with his wives, to have the children who would observe monotheism THROUGH THE TORAH. 

Jacob was a scholar not a warrior.
23) All of this is to establish the primacy of the CHILDREN in establishing God’s kingdom here on earth.
24) Let’s review, briefly.
25) Part I of this thread described the creation of a false, hijacked form of Islam (the Muslim bogeyman, for lack of a better term) through an organization called the Muslim Brotherhood.

The bogeyman is installed, not organic. 

The bogeyman has a master.
26) Part I of this thread described how a select few people, who call themselves philanthropists, gathered in secret in 2009. 

Their goal was to save the world.

So they said.
27) The “save the world” agenda included “family planning,” a.k.a. birth control and abortion, which has its roots in eugenics, or the breeding of a superior master race, which is associated with the Nazis but actually goes back to America, Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood.
28) “Save the world” also was used as the justification for genetically modified crops.

Interestingly enough, the Rockefeller name pops up a lot when these “save the world” causes come up; they were instrumental in developing the Nazi eugenics program.

29) We talked about the Rockefeller family claiming to support the security of the state of Israel, but then funding the destruction of the state of Israel through “charity.”
30) We talked (not enough) about how the Nazi regime was installed, supported by Rockefeller (and other prominent Americans), and how its goal may have been the construction of a wholly secular Jewish state, with the aim of conquering it and destroying Judaism.
31) And we quoted from a document associated with the Muslim Brotherhood called “The Project.” Essentially this is a roadmap for infiltrating and conquering the United States. It was found after 9/11 and refers to the conquest of Israel as the “keystone”.
32) If you were a colonialist power like Britain, why would you use a hijacked form of Islam in order to conquer the world?

Because Islam believes in Jihad. 

You would appropriate Jihad for your own sick aims.…
33) By appropriating Jihad, you would achieve two goals at once.

You would scare the world into accepting “remedial measures” for fighting “terrorism.” –> Your remedial measures.

You would keep the world forever angry, fearful and divided.
34) The war of Islam is not a war between Islam and other religions.
It is a war to save the true religion from occupying parties who use it in this very sick way.

If you can find it, watch the TV show Tyrant (discontinued)

35) In the Middle East, the first female sharia judge is relegated to administrative duties by men who take over the courts with a hijacked, false form of Islam.

This movie is amazing.
This woman is amazing, how she fights back.

36) “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

― Golda Meir (RIP), former Prime Minister of Israel (1969 – 1974)
37) There is more than one way to traffic in children.

By turning children into killers, you produce a world filled with endless hate and retribution.

Child suicide bombers.…
38) It is important to note that no evil movement starts out proclaiming its evil ways.

It’s always presented as a good thing.
39) The Muslim Brotherhood did not start out as violent.
40) Similarly, an academic paper (which proved influential in American foreign policy) known as the “Yinon Plan” argued that encouraging Arab factionalism would keep them busy and Israel safe. 

But if that plan was implemented, it hasn’t worked.…
41) We didn’t answer the question about why the British would be behind the formation of a violent and extremist form of Muslim Brotherhood.
42) Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist.
43) The feudal system.…
44) Dangerous for everyone.
45) “In England the land was granted to the earls and barons….Each area of land was administered by the earl….The earl was given the full right to govern as he saw fit. Sometimes this meant the rule was a tyrannical one where the common people suffered great hardships.”
46) “Hollywood often paints a romantic picture of England in the Middle Ages – knights in shining armor following a strict code of chivalry and enjoying sumptuous banquets in pristine castles…reality is much more sobering.”
– “Anarchy in 12th C. England”…
47) “They oppressed the wretched people of the country severely with castle-building. When the castles were built, they filled them with devils and wicked men.”
48) “Then, both by night and day they took those people that they thought had any goods – men and women – and put them in prison and tortured them with indescribable torture to extort gold and silver – for no martyrs were ever so tortured as they were.”
49) “They were hung by the thumbs or by the head, and corselets were hung on their feet. Knotted ropes were put round their heads and twisted till they penetrated to the brains.”
50) “They put them in prisons where there were adders & snakes &toads, & killed them like that.Some they put in a ‘torture-chamber’ – that is in a chest that was short, narrow & shallow, and they put sharp stones in it & pressed the man in it so that he had all his limbs broken.”
51) In 1066, William the Conqueror addressed the situation in England by centralizing power (for his own gain).
52) “William confiscated the land in England from the Saxon lords and allocated it to members of his own family and the Norman lords who had helped him conquer the country. These people were known as tenants-in-chief.”
53) William used the chaos to amass an army loyal only to him.
54) The movie “Braveheart” is based on a true story that takes place in the 1200s-1300s — when England attacked and appropriated Wales and Scotland.

The logic of England has always been colonialism and control.…
55) “By 1913, the British Empire held sway over 412 million people, 23% of the world population at the time”

This is just before the Balfour Declaration.

How are these connected?…
56) The British have a history of USING and EXPLOITING people to MAINTAIN their CENTRAL hold on POWER.
57) In fact, Jews were ALREADY focused on buying (not stealing, buying) land in Israel in order to get the people to safety. 

Jews were getting MURDERED, RAPED AND ROBBED at will in Russia.

Example: Bialystok pogrom…

58) The pogroms which led Jews to embrace Zionism (the default religious stance was to wait for God to save the Jews through the Messiah) formed the theme of “Fiddler on the Roof.”…
60) 5 years after seeming to embrace the Jews, the British swung back to try and calm the Arabs down with the Churchill White Paper of 1922.

It’s all about manipulation.
61) “This new paper emphasised that the establishment of a Jewish national home would not impose a Jewish nationality on the native Arab inhabitants of Palestine, and called for a severe limitation of Jewish immigration into Palestine.”

62) ““Before the Balfour Promise, when the Ottoman rule ended, Palestine’s political borders as we know them today did not exist, & there was nothing called a Palestinian people with a political identity as we know today.” – historian Abd Al-Ghani Salameh…
63) Just as Zionism was an invention created in order to justify a secular Jewish state on the Holy Land of Israel, the Palestinian people was created out of whole cloth in order to oppose the formal establishment of a Jewish state in the Jewish homeland.
64) You can watch this for yourself on YouTube.

65) Of course, history is what happens while you were making other plans.

Now that ordinary people have experienced trauma bonding, there is a Palestinian identity regardless of what came before.

Now that the Jewish state has religion in it, it has a Jewish identity.
66) If you actually go to Israel, you find that it is very hard to tell Jews and Arabs apart.

That is because we are cousins.
67) If you could actually get the Palestinians away from their handlers, away from the brainwashing for five minutes, they would probably admit that they just want peace.

Most Israelis would say the same.

The obstacles to peace are only political manipulators.
68) And so now we circle back to the issue of children.

It should be pretty obvious: Political manipulators have gotten their disgusting hands on the children.

Sex trafficking.
Child soldiers.
69) How do you turn a child into a killer?

You breed them into spies using MK-Ultra programming.
You get them from foster care, and refugee camps.

And if you can’t get enough, you artificially create situations that yield more foster kids and refugees.
70) You desensitize kids to killing by promoting child sexual activity and preteen abortions.
71) And if you haven’t caught them by junior high, you get them in college.

By hiring radical “academics” and isolating the kids in petri dishes of sex, drugs, parties and “moral indoctrination.” 

Supplemented by massive, massive debt.
72) This is the way kids naturally are.
73) What do you think political pedophiles do to them — and the rest of us?


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.