Chayei Sarah: The Messiah Is At Hand (November 3, 2018)

1) The Messiah is at hand. 👍

It’s #coffeetime.
Shabbos Chayei Sarah.
November 3, 2018.
2) Absolutely fantastic
3) Why am I so happy?

I am happy because we are closer to solving the riddle of Exile.

Let’s go.
4) I want to begin by explaining the words “Shabbos Chayei Sarah” in Tweet #1. What does this mean, and why did I put it there?
5) “Shabbos Chayei Sarah” is a traditional Jewish reference to the Sabbath. We start with “Shabbos” and append the Torah portion we’ll be reading in synagogue.

We are at war to save America.

The Torah portion is ALWAYS relevant to current events.

6) One immediate item of relevance is that Abraham PURCHASES a burial place for Sarah, even though God has PROMISED all of Israel!

From this we learn that FUTURE PROVES PAST.

Abraham acts, legally.
The purchase “proves” the validity of a prior promise.

7) In the same way, we must ACT NOW to save our country.

Our country is ALREADY BLESSED.

But God is ASKING US TO HAVE THE FAITH NECESSARY to take proper and appropriate action.

Future proves past.
8) Next lesson for today.

The Torah portion (Genesis 23:1–25:18) is titled “Chayei Sarah,” meaning “the lives of Sarah.”

The grammar is ALWAYS intentional.

Sarah had ONE life.

Why the plural?
9) A related question is this: Why are we hearing, in this portion, about how Sarah’s son met his wife?

Shouldn’t the whole thing be about Sarah, and how great she was?
10) The answer to #8 and #9 is really one and the same.

“The lives of Sarah” (plural) = her + descendants, who carried on their mission, which is to spread the light of God in the world.

When you do the mission, you honor the name of the person who inspired you.
11) The lesson for today is that the enemies of @POTUS really have it all wrong.

Their “problem” is not him.


12) Because the Devil lures people in through the ego, the enemy can only comprehend the world in those terms.

The enemy cannot comprehend that we are motivated by something larger than ourselves.

That we, hundreds of millions of us, move as one.

13) The portion describes how Abraham’s servant finds Isaac a wife.
The “test” involves a visit to Rebecca’s family.
She rushes forward to give him drink, and to feed all his camels.
Caring, strong, and modest.
Relevance: The strong women fighting now.

14) In any situation in history, if you look closely enough, you will find that the women are the secret asset in war.

Like my Bubbie (may she rest in peace) used to say: “The neck turns the head.”
15) Finally (and this will segue into the discussion of Messiah), the portion ends with an astonishing turn of events (note: some scholars dispute this, but it’s a mainstream view.)

Abraham resumes his relationship with Hagar.

First his concubine, now his second wife.
16) Hagar, of course, is the Egyptian princess. She and Abraham together had Ishmael, who was also blessed by God to become a great nation.…
17) You may be wondering why Abraham would marry the woman his wife sent away.
18) Without getting into the weeds of it, Hagar loved Abraham. She really, really loved him. And was never with anybody else, even after he banished her.

The new name she has in this portion, Keturah, is an indicator of that.

19) But even if Hagar, now Keturah, offered true love, wasn’t Abraham somehow shaming Sarah by taking up with her?
20) And this is where we start to get to the discussion of Messiah.
And why this Torah portion is relevant NOW.
23) Per the Rebbe, Sarah essentially said to Abraham: “in every refinement process there is the extractable ore and the unprofitable rubble. Hagar and Ishmael represent elements of My creation too crude, too volatile, to be redeemed by your efforts.”

God told Abraham to listen.
24) Recall that Hagar’s father was the king who (as per the custom of the day) immediately took Sarah to rape her upon her entry to Egypt with Abraham.
25) When God basically told the Egyptian king to back off, he sent Abraham and Sarah away and also sent Hagar with them, because they were holy.
26) In the interim between her banishment and return, Hagar is refined, and returns “Keturah”–

“her deeds were as pleasing as incense and because she tied up her opening…from the day she left Abraham, she did not couple with any man.”

27) Recall that Ishmael received a blessing to become a great/mighty/powerful nation. Isaac received God’s blessing to become a great nation in number, to receive the Torah, and to receive the land of Israel.
28) Of course Jesus was Jewish. This link alludes to the fact that Christians are part of the promise that God made to Abraham for Isaac specifically.…
29) But what of Ishmael?
What of the promises made to his mother, for him?
What of his role in the redemption?
30) The answer goes back to the “post-Sarah era.”

In the “post-Sarah” era, the wild and amazing warrior talents of Ishmael will be refined in support of God and God only.

Because the reality of God will be as plain as daylight.

31) “However, Abraham’s life includes a post-Sarah era as well—an era in which the most savage of Ishmaels and the most foreign of Hagars have a place in Abraham’s family.”
32) “This era in Abraham’s life is the forerunner and prototype for the age…when ‘no longer will your Master be cloaked; your eyes shall see your Master’ (Isaiah 30:20)”
33) “when the divine essence of creation will no longer be shrouded in a mantle of corporeality and the positive utility of every creature will be manifest and accessible.”
34) So what is getting in the way of redemption?

Let’s finish.
35) Basically we are dealing with fake Jews, aka the “Erev Rav.” This is “the most difficult enemy the Jews have ever encountered.” (Rabbi Hillel Rivlin of Shklov, a student of the sage the Vilna Gaon)…
36) The Erev Rav is the worst enemy the Jews face because it hides itself within the Jewish people, within communities that look spiritually holy as well as those who claim to espouse Jewish values but don’t. It is our equivalent of the Antichrist.
37) The Erev Rav mixes with Esav (the descendants of Rome, the anti-God occultists seeking only power) and Yishmael (these are the unrefined descendants of Yishmael, radical Islamic terrorists) and in so doing prevents the two Messiahs from joining.
38) The two Messiahs are political Zionism (ben Yosef) and religious Judaism (ben David).
39) This may sound very complex but it’s actually simple.

–Find the people who serve God, and none other. Unite with them.

–Coalesce Zionists around a nation state that honors God and Judaism.

–Speak out against fake Jews, fake Christians, and radical Islamic terrorists.
40) Don’t be taken in by political correctness.

We can do this if we only stick with Truth.

Have a good day and Shabbat Shalom.


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.